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The 2015 Rally will follow the traditional Kurland Rally format. The Rally will again be a Road Reliability Trial or in other words a 3–day Touring event, visiting several most beautiful ancient palaces and manor houses of Latvia, mostly those situated in the historic Kurland region. The main destination this time will be the Liepaja open sea port with it’s unique attractions. The participants will be exploring further the Baltic coastline as well as there will be motorcycle rides inland along some very uninhabited roads to see previously unseen landscape and castles. The riding distance is expected to be less than on previous Kurland rallies, but some older roads will be covered with genuine gravel, so the progress on them will be unhurried, but worth the scenery. Good music, fine food, beautiful landscape, friendly people, interesting company -- are all the ingredients of a Rally with a Difference — the Kurland Rally in Latvia!

The dates will be 16th – 19th July, 2015. For more details please see the News page on this site.

Rally Regulations, Entry and Accommodation Forms can be requested  by e-mail  or by writing to Juris Ramba, Lapu Str. 10, OGRE, LV-5001, LATVIA,

Tel/Fax (+371) 65071334 

For those of you who would like to find out more about Kurland (Courland) and the Round Kurland Rally I can recommend to watch the Official Video of the 2013 FIVA World Motorcycle Rally in Latvia. Here is the link:


Juris Ramba

Kurland Rally

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Kurland Rally Gets Really a New Content for 2013.

By Juris Ramba 

The 2013 Rally will also have a different name. It will be the FIVA World Motorcycle Rally in Latvia, organized within the Kurland Rally framework and traditions, i.e. it will be the 8th such rally since year 2003.  The 2013 Rally will again be a Road Reliability Trial or, in other words, a 4–day Touring event, visiting half a dozen most beautiful ancient, palaces and manor houses of Latvia, mostly those situated in the historic Kurland region.


The dates will be 18th – 21st July, 2013. Please reserve this date in your diaries!

For almost 400 years the present territory of Latvia was part of the feudal states of the Livonian order of crusaders as well as archbishops of Riga and Kurland. During the period from 1185 to 1562 German feudal lords erected more than 100 castles in the territory of the present day Latvia and fewer – in the territory of the present day Estonia. Exact number of these castles is not known, as many of them perished in the first years after construction, some were wooden, and have not survived till nowadays. It is assumed, that in the territory of Latvia 128 castles have been built, but this number may change in the future, based on the findings of historical research in this area.


Old castles and palaces go together with old motorcycles and if we can add nice countryside, quiet coastal roads through fishermen’s villages, beautiful nature and quiet Kurland towns into this formula we can have a near perfect rally. Weather-wise mid-July has always been hot and sunny with an occasional shower (preferably) at night.  


The Rally assembly point will be at the Bikernieki Racing Circuit entrance adjacent to the Riga Motor Museum. After registration and technical scrutineering the participants will be riding in groups to the Town Hall of Old Riga and the Blackheads’ House in Old Riga for a short visit. Late afternoon will be seeing all of us fleeing from the Old City to have a good night's rest at a major spa hotel on the coast of  the Baltic Sea, before the early start of the Road Run next day.


Maps will be provided on the rally website  of course.  3 nights will be spent at different hotels and in nearly 3 full days of the Road Run we will be clocking about 500 kilometres. So please prepare your machines properly! Special vans will take care of any extra bags and clothes of the participants and there will be back-up technical assistance vans, just in case.  A new place has been set for making a group photograph …


To hold the intrigue and surprise for the participants some attractions on the Road Run route will only be announced  before the event!  The machine eligibility dates will generally be according to FIVA Technical Code, but in case of overbooking the pre-war machines will have a priority. The participation of very old motorcycles (FIVA A -- Ancestor and B -- Veteran) will not be encouraged because of the distance involved.


For the benefit of all concerned the event will have to be limited to a maximum of 80 machines or so and this is also necessary to enable us to secure accommodation at the destination points en route and to maintain a good standard of the rally. Remember that Latvia is a compact country! 

Negotiations have already been started with the hotels.  The Entry Deadline for this Rally will have to be 15th April, 2013.  


Rally Regulations, Entry and Accommodation Forms can be requested (From December, 2012) by e-mail  or by writing to Juris Ramba, FIVA World Rally in Latvia 2013 Organizer, Lapu 10, OGRE, LV-5001, LATVIA, Tel/Fax (+371) 65071334 

Bridge across the river Venta
Road Run Finishing Area, Kuldiga
St. Katherine's Church, Kuldiga
Switzerland of Kurland
The Rathhouse
Venta's Rumba
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